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Select the eSport tournament you want to bet on

Here is the almost exhaustive list of eSport competitions on which you can bet.
Of course, they must be programmed or in progress to be able to place a bet.

Once the competition has been chosen, you will be able to register, but only adults are allowed to do so.

Each sport has its own unique community, ecosystem and infrastructure; despite the existence of several competitive gaming communities, only a handful of them are likely to become the product of a bookmaker.

Although the regularity demonstrated in sports such as the Overwatch League or the NBA 2K League is a great motivation for bookmakers to offer spreads over them, there are a number of key tournaments that outweigh the rest when it comes to attracting high volumes of high-risk gamblers. In this report, we will detail the main tournaments that you will want to monitor if you want to be involved in sports betting.

Although there are several other tournaments such as the Overwatch League season finals and the Call of Duty World League championships that are able to bring together a number of bettors, the above three are by far the market leaders. If you decide to get involved in sports betting, Esports Insider reminds you to gamble responsibly!

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