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Not all video games are calibrated to be competitive. Publishers must do important and regular balancing work to make their games eligible for eSport.

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It is no secret that the gaming industry is oversaturated. Thousands - even tens of thousands - of games are released every year, but the overall list of sports games remains incredibly short. The truth is that not all games have what it takes to become competitive. And whatever the style or genre, there are 3 essential attributes that a game must have to become an sport.

1. Skills Demonstration

Basically, games are supposed to be fun. Most developers interpret this as a call to smooth the edges and make the gameplay as transparent as possible for the player. However, the best games for betting on sports are almost directly opposed to this line of thinking.

While they have aspects that can be considered pleasant, they also provide clear and direct ways for good players to differentiate themselves from the bad. In other words, it is always possible to use your skills and knowledge of the game to gain an advantage over your opponents. And even if this dynamic is not the best for the losers, it is also an essential element of a successful sport.

2. Popularity

Let's be realistic: unpopular sports do not exist. Of course, you could choose an obscure game on Steam and devote enough hours to master it, but there won't be many people interested in seeing you compete if the total number of players is a few hundred users. Similarly, you will not have many top competitors if players do not have incentives to perfect their art.

This means that a game needs to build up an occasional customer base to become competitive. In addition to this, regular fans must be committed to watching high level gameplay or following their favorite teams and personalities. Such a combination is difficult to find, so it is not really surprising that the list of sports remains short: just look at the figures for the Fortnite World Cup or the International.

3. Viewing experience

Even if you reach the gold mine of producing a popular and expressive title, your game must still be enjoyable for viewers. After all, you have to give fans reasons to keep watching the show. And few things accomplish this as well as exciting and fast gameplay.

There is also a question of clarity. Many contemporary games nail visuals and animations, but are not up to the task of displaying the action in a clear and concise way. It is difficult to invest in the next major sports if you don't understand what is happening on screen, so competitive games tend to focus on developing their viewing experience.

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