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Earn money at FNBR thanks to eSport

Developed by Epic Games, this competitive Battle royale is calibrated for eSport. Here's where to register to bet for real euros.

Bets on the Battle royale from Epic Games now !

1- Open an account and deposit money

With a bookmaker for FNBR

2- Choose your competition and bet money

3- Pocket the money if your team wins

Choose your team and the event on which to bet, only victory will bring you the winnings!

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the newest and most popular Twitch games with Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). Many players gathered behind the game and its battle royale gameplay and cartoon look. You can play as a team and the main goal is to survive. To do this, you must find equipment, hide and kill your opponents. As time passes, the map area narrows and you can easily meet your opponents. The battle royale genre is very promising for eSpors and eSports bets. Epic games has announced that they will provide $100 million fortnite eSport tournaments during the first year of play in competition, this is huge!

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