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Developed by Riot Games, this competitive FPS is calibrated for eSport. Here's where to register to bet for real euros.

Bets on the FPS from Riot Games now !

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For the past ten years, the American company Riot Games has been living on the uninterrupted success of its League of Legends license, a worldwide phenomenon in the e-sport sphere. But the company has decided to step out of its comfort zone by working on a new concept in a new universe, a first for it. This ambition has materialized in the online shooting game Valorant, which could become a heavyweight of its kind. Released last week on PC, Valorant already has more than 3 million players, helped by a clever communication campaign.

"Riot has been working for six months with streamers specialising in shooting games from our key markets," says Guillaume Rambourg, director of Riot Games. "We haven't targeted the biggest influencers in the industry, but the most relevant to this genre of video game." These streamers - 25 per country - were able to try Valorant exclusively at the beginning of the year. Their enthusiastic print videos, simultaneously published on Twitch and YouTube, took the excitement among their fans to the next level.

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