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Developed by Riot Games, this competitive duel of decks is calibrated for eSport. Here's where to register to bet for real euros.

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Runeterra is the perfect game for eSport competition

Riot Games has said it several times: Legends of Runeterra is a game with sporting ambitions... the opposite would have been surprising for the world's leading esport publisher. Players are therefore patiently waiting for the publisher to communicate its concrete intentions regarding the game: for the moment, few official tournaments have been organised (such as the Invitational in South Korea and the Twitch Rivals) and the community is still waiting for the announcement of a plan for the development of the scene.

The direction of Riot Games changed with the introduction of Bilgewater: the mechanics of card stealing introduced a greater random effect. For Alessio, however, this is a welcome addition: "Everyone wants a different dose of RNG, but for me, I think it's the right balance with Bilgewater. It adds show without having an absolute impact on the outcome of a game."

Best options to bet on LoR

In Legends of Runeterra, make up your decks with your favourite champions and try to beat your opponent with the best possible strategy. Whether you prefer Demacia, Zaun and Piltover, Ionia, the Dark Islands, Freljord or Noxus, there's something for everyone! So come and compose your decks or use the best decks of the moment and try to beat your opponents!

  • Each champion comes from one of the regions of Runeterra (the universe where the League of Legends story takes place). Each region has its own style of play, and offers the player certain advantages and disadvantages in terms of strategy. You can use maps from different regions to create a deck with specific tactics.
  • In each round, players choose to play either attack or defense (which are indicated on the board by a sword for attack, and a shield for defense). Only one player may attack in each round, but both players may play cards (to defend themselves or to counter an attack for example).
  • Each player's hit points are represented by a nexus (blue or red).
    Most of the information to start the game is available in the gameplay video proposed by Riot Games.

Tricks to win your bets

Riot may not become the undisputed king of the field, but possibly one of the sworn enemies of event organizers: it is more and more common to see publishers orchestrating their competitions themselves (Riot with LoL, Epic Games with Fortnite...), leaving almost nothing to the entities used to manage these events (ESL, ESWC, DreamHack...).

This trend is not yet present on all games, but it could well be the case in a few years, promoters will then have to find a way to bounce back (or be bought out by publishers) in order not to disappear.

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