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How do you bet real money on a game of TFT?

Two months ago, Riot Games announced a tournament called Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Showcase. It is a tournament that took place on March 12th and 13th where $150,000 was available in prize money. The 16 participating players were divided into two groups of 8 in which they played four games. The points and advancements went as the following picture shows.

First place gives 10 points, second place gives 8 points, third place gives 6 points, fourth gives 5, then it decreases to one point for eighth place. Then, the participants shared the prize money of over $150,000 as follows: the winner got $15,000, the players who reached the rest of the top 8 were entitled to $10,750 and the top 16 got $7,500. The tournament was won by China's Li Luo.

Managing your bankroll

In addition to Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Showcase past, Riot announced the Galaxies Championship. This will be the world's premier tournament in the game and will be more faithful to the esport ecosystem the company is trying to accomplish. Participants will have the chance to win a total prize pool of $200,000. It is also at this time that the Teamfight Tactics team has made it clear that they will want to make a tournament of this kind for each "set".

Choose your eSport player

Sixteen players will therefore emerge from this first phase. Two rooms of eight players will then be formed. The first will be made up of the best four and the last four, and the second will be made up of the remaining eight players. Each room will play five rounds, always on the same principle: the first ones score a certain number of points, while the last ones will score only a handful. At the end of these five rounds, the four best players from each room will meet in the final room.

Of these eight players, only three will qualify for the world championships. This time the format differs a little bit, instead of the best out of five sets, Riot Games will focus on winning points. The first player to win a round by accumulating at least 18 points will win his ticket to the TFT Worlds. The two places will then be offered to the two players with the most points once the winner is out of the ranking. In the event of a tie on points between three or more players, their best ranking and the consistency with which they have achieved it will take precedence: the player who has won the most rounds, then most often second, then most often third... until two names have been drawn. In case of a persistent tie, the ranking of the last played set will seal the fate of the players concerned.

The best team to bet on

In order to reach this tournament, players will have to qualify via their ranking and during online tournaments. Each week, the players at the top of the rankings will get points for their rank. Then, the 10 people with the most points over 12 weeks (May to July) will have access to the regional qualifying tournament. These tournaments will be the gateway to the final phase. The number of players from certain regions depends on the regional final and will be as shown above.

The TFT competitions did not wait for Riot's announcement to take place. The Twitch Rivals on TFT and Teamfight Tactics ShowDown are a good example of this. But in 2020, Riot Games will be in the driver's seat! No information has yet been released by the publisher, and we'll have to wait until the next announcements to learn more about the format, the number of players and the creation of leagues on Teamfight Tactics.


As mentioned above, TFT mobile has received more than 10 million downloads according to a press release from Riot Games. This version of the game was one of Riot's tenth anniversary promises. Along with several other announcements, the Teamfight Tactics team announced that this was to happen. Having played both versions in exhaustive ways, the mobile port is a great start. The basic features are going well and it is possible to play it with an experience quite close to the one on the computer.

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